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Loose Nutz Rally 11/4-11/5

Posted: 06 Nov 2017 21:47
by Creekside
Echo State Park (Eminence MO)
Current River, alot of crossings in this low valley. Lots of sand too. Great area.
If you need tracks for S MO go see advrider/regionals/central states/LooseNutz rally. Great run. I put it second to NWA Dover-Jasper area.
Larry had a tangle with a rock in Rocky Creek. Now we got an hour of fun. Wheels deep. Larry got it up and going quick. No baby mice were harmed in this naval adventure. (if you don't get this, ask at a monthly meeting)
Running around in the woods looking for places to drop my bike and break stuff. Having to ride my bike backwards down a steep hill to get to spot to start again has me once again thinking about a 350~500 plated bike. Maybe. 120hp in the woods is nice tho.